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Free £2 Voucher for Amazon MP3

Amazon Media EU SARL
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National: Free £2 Voucher for Amazon MP3
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Free £2 Voucher for Amazon MP3

Amazon Media EU SARL

The Details:

From indie bands, to classical, to reggae and more, there's something for everyone at Amazon.co.uk/MP3. You can always find a great deal or a top download under £5. Choose from over 20 million songs and 1 million albums -- and play your music right away on a web browser, iPhone or Android phone and the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. With Amazon Cloud Player, you can access your music wherever you are. Add to your collection with today's sweet-sounding deal.

  • Free voucher worth £2 off any MP3 music
  • Choose from millions of songs and albums
  • Enjoy music on your iPhone, Android Phone or Kindle Fire using Amazon's Cloud Player App
  • Search by genre, price and release date

What You Need to Know:

  • Sold by Amazon Media EU SARL
  • This voucher will be automatically applied to your Amazon.co.uk account
  • Please do not place your Amazon MP3 order until you have received an e-mail from Amazon Local confirming that your voucher has been applied. The credit may not apply to orders placed in the Amazon MP3 Store prior to the receipt of this confirmation
  • Voucher will expire if not used by 11:59pm 26th October 2013
  • Limited to one voucher per customer
  • Voucher can only be redeemed for MP3 purchases available here; voucher cannot be redeemed for any other type of merchandise sold at Amazon.co.uk
  • MP3 downloads are only available to Amazon.co.uk customers located in the UK. Any customer attempting to purchase MP3 downloads from outside the UK will receive an error message.  Please note that customers located in the UK but attempting to purchase MP3 downloads from a computer with a non-UK IP address will not be able to complete their purchase. Learn More