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National: 12 Month Online Subscription to National Geographic Kids Alive!
£26 Save 50%
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£26 Save 50%
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The Details:

Get your little ones excited about learning with today’s offer from National Geographic Kids Alive!. This 12 month subscription will give your child a year of online access to the website and app, leaving them free to explore the fascinating topics at their own pace.

National Geographic Kids have handpicked some of the best fact-filled video clips on amazing themes such as Space, Ancient Egypt, Sharks, Big Cats and more! The interactive site is the perfect way to ignite their curiosity. You'll even receive six brand new editions of Alive! in the coming year as well as the editions already available on the site. Snap up today’s offer and help your child learn more about the weird and wonderful world that we live in.

  • £13 (regular price £26) for a 12 month subscription to National Geographic Kids Alive!
  • The subscription includes 12 months of online access to the site and six bi-monthly editions, plus any back editions available
  • Each edition focuses on a different topic and all topics are available to view for the full 12 month subscription period
  • Download the clips on the free app so you can watch offline – ideal for travelling!
  • The topics include ‘Sharks’, ‘Space’, ‘Dinosaurs’, ‘Big Cats’, ‘Ancient Egypt’ and ‘Explorers’

What You Need to Know:

  • Sold by National Geographic Kids Magazine
  • Buy as many as you like, send as many as you like as gifts
  • Bank details are required when signing up, these will be taken when redeeming, via phone
  • Once your 12 month subscription is complete you will be set up onto a rolling 12 months subscription with no minimum term, and the next 12 months renewal will continue unless cancelled
  • No money will be taken by NGK Publishing until the initial 12 month Amazon Local offer expires
  • This renewal price of this will be £20, which is 25% off the full price
  • Subscribers are free to cancel their direct debits at any time without affecting the initial 12 month Amazon subscription
  • To unsubscribe you can email, phone or log in to your National Geographical account (once set up)
  • You can access National Geographic Kids Alive! on most devices connected to the Internet; smart phones, tablets, desktop computers or laptops. You can also connect to your TV using Apple TV and airplay from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. National Geographic Kids Alive! is compliant with any browser, but it works best with Chrome or Firefox browsers
  • To use National Geographic Kids Alive! you will need standard broadband or 3g connection
  • Account holders need to be 18 or older, and living in the UK
  • To view the frequently asked questions please click here
  • If you have any enquiries please call 0844 322 1213 (Mon-Fri, 8am to 8pm) or email ngkids@servicehelpline.co.uk
  • Voucher available for use immediately after purchase
  • The total value of the voucher is valid for 90 days from the purchase date of this voucher and will expire immediately after such date. Learn More